The count for the Rugby Borough Council elections held on Thursday 2 May takes place at the Benn Hall from 1pm on Friday 3 May.

Live updates will be posted here:

New seat totals by party:

Conservative: 17 (-3)
Labour: 15 (+3)
Lib Dem: 10 (-)


6.04pm - Result: Eastlands Ward - Lib Dem hold

5.37pm - Result: Paddox Ward - Lib Dem hold

5.35pm - Result: Revel and Binley Woods Ward - Conservative hold

5.21pm - Result: Dunsmore Ward - Conservative hold

5.11pm - Result: Clifton, Newton and Churchover - Conservative hold

4.31pm - Result: Rokeby and Overslade Ward - Lib Dem hold

4.21pm - Result: Wolston and The Lawfords Ward - Conservative hold

4.12pm - Result: Bilton Ward - Conservative hold

4.04pm - Result: Hillmorton Ward - Conservative hold

3.54pm - Result: Coton and Boughton Ward - Labour gain

3.52pm - Result: Admirals and Cawston Ward - Labour gain

3.37pm - Result: New Bilton Ward - Labour hold

3.28pm - Result: Newbold and Brownsover Ward - Labour gain

3.09pm - Result: Benn Ward - Labour hold

Click on the council wards below to view the individual ward results:


Admirals and Cawston



Clifton, Newton and Churchover

Coton and Boughton




New Bilton

Newbold and Brownsover


Revel and Binley Woods

Rokeby and Overslade

Wolston and The Lawfords


Admirals and Cawston Ward

Name of candidate Party Votes
CHASE, Lee Martin Liberal Democrats 205
FARLEY, Jennifer Christine Green Party 129
HENDERSON, Amanda Labour 1,067 elected
JAMES, Alan Reform UK 250
WATSON-MERRET, Carolyn Denise Conservative 592

Turnout: 32.81%

Benn Ward

Name of candidate Party Votes
MORAN, Rebecca Frances Fowler Liberal Democrats 120
O'ROURKE, Maggie Labour 1,039 elected
STEVENSON, Becca Green Party 186
THOMAS, Heidi Maria Conservative 261

Turnout: 26.08%

Bilton Ward

Name of candidate Party Votes
HOWLING, Michael Phillip Conservative 823 elected
MANDER, Colin Labour 528
PIMM, Stephen Warwick Liberal Democrats 689
SUMMERS, Lesley Karen Green Party 117

Turnout: 43.01%

Clifton, Newton and Churchover Ward

Name of candidate Party Votes
DYKE, Stephen Labour 336
HASSELL, Eve Conservative 362 elected
LINDEN, Alexander Green Party 113

Turnout: 33.73%

Coton and Boughton Ward

Name of candidate Party Votes
AWOTUNDE, Dapo Conservative 619
BLACKBURN, Edward John Liberal Democrats 123
EDWARDS, Claire Labour 951 elected
MAWBY, Christopher Andrew Green Party 106
PULLIN, Jamie Reform UK 169

Turnout: 33.68%

Dunsmore Ward

Name of candidate Party Votes
COOMBER, Ann Christina Labour 416
FORD, Helen Rebecca Green Party 169
SANDISON, Claire Louise  Liberal Democrats 924
SIMPSON-VINCE, Jill Beverley Conservative 944 elected

Turnout: 35.05%

Eastlands Ward

Name of candidate Party Votes
ADEWUMI, Ade Labour 584
BALDWIN, Joel Conservative 369
POND, Lesley Reform UK 145
STINCHCOMBE, Mawgan Leo Tavares Green Party 124
TRIMBLE, Tricia  Liberal Democrats 695 elected

Turnout: 33.47%

Hillmorton Ward

Name of candidate Party Votes
DALY, Adam Michael Conservative 945 elected
DOUGLAS, Julie Eleanor Liberal Democrats 206
KOWALCZUK, Dariusz Maria Green Party 104
OFFORDILE, Jenny Labour 903

Turnout: 32.14%

New Bilton Ward

Name of candidate Party Votes
LIPOWSKA, Karolina Conservative 288
MISTRY, Ish Labour 766 elected
SANDISON, Roy Leonard Green Party 106
TAFAZZAL, Hossain Liberal Democrats 79

Turnout: 23.6%

Newbold and Brownsover Ward

Name of candidate Party Votes
FREEMAN, Tony Labour 778 elected
KEDWARD, Devenne Taylor Reform UK 159
RABIN, Wayne David John Conservative 491
SUMMERS, Mark Andrew Green Party 120
TRIMBLE, Hugh Dunlop Liberal Democrats 77

Turnout: 25.96%

Paddox Ward

Name of candidate Party Votes
ADKINS, Louise Ann Conservative 325
BEGGS, Bob Green Party 94
BURNE, Simon Labour 539
HOLDEN, Francis Jason Reform UK 150
THOMAS, Mark Liberal Democrats 962 elected

Turnout: 37.67%

Revel and Binley Woods Ward

Name of candidate Party Votes
BEVIN, Robert Labour 538
GILLIAS, Tony Conservative 1,141 elected
MORAN, James Robert Liberal Democrats 71
PICKUP, Maz Green Party 109

Turnout: 36.73%

Rokeby and Overslade Ward

Name of candidate Party Votes
CROWLEY, Kate Green Party 111
DUMBLETON, Carie-Anne Liberal Democrats 1,212 elected
KULKARNI, Aniket Subhash Conservative 371
LEE, Christopher Stephen Labour 334

Turnout: 35.59%

Wolston and The Lawfords Ward

Name of candidate Party Votes
BIRCH, John Edward Reform UK 200
HEMSLEY, Phil Green Party 191
HOLST, Adam Labour 720
SAXBY-EDWARDS, Victoria Liberal Democrats 74
WILLIS, Tim Conservative 808 elected

Turnout: 33.51%