Rugby Borough Council has 42 elected councillors representing 16 electoral wards.

Elections take place every year during the first week in May, with a third of the seats on the council contested at each election (note - no elections take place in years where county council elections take place).

Elected councillors have four-year terms.

To be a candidate for election you must be 18-years-old or over.

In addition, you must either be on the Electoral Register and/or have lived, worked or owned a property in the borough of Rugby for at least the past year.

You may be disqualified as a candidate if you work for Rugby Borough Council or hold a politically restricted post within another local authority.

Bankruptcy or a previous criminal conviction resulting in a sentence of three months in prison or more also disqualify you as a candidate.

Detailed guidance on how to stand for election can be found on the Electoral Commission's website

Need more information?

For more information about becoming a councillor or standing for election, contact Aftab Razzaq, the council's legal, democratic and electoral services manager, on (01788) 533521 or email