The Government's Election Act 2022 has introduced a number of changes to the rules on voting from overseas.

The 15-year limit on voting rights for British citizens living overseas has been removed, meaning overseas voters only need to register to vote every three years.

All British citizens living abroad who have previously lived in the UK - or who have been registered to vote in the UK - now have the right to vote at UK parliamentary elections.

If you live overseas, you should register to vote in the constituency where you were last registered or - if you were not registered to vote - where you lived.

You can register to vote online.

Register to vote

IMPORTANT - once you have registered to vote, think about how you're going to vote. If you're not going to be in the country to vote at a polling station, you need to apply for a postal vote or proxy vote.

Anyone registered to vote in the UK can make donations to political parties and campaigners.