Scrap metal dealer licences

You need a licence from us to operate as a scrap metal dealer, operate a scrap metal site or trade as a motor salvage operator in the borough of Rugby.

There are two types of licence:

  • site licence
  • collector's licence

A 'collector' is anyone who collects from door-to-door.

A 'site' licence authorises the holder to carry on business at any site in the council's area identified in the licence. Anyone who collects from pre-arranged appointments only would need a site licence.

Scrap metal does not necessarily have to be physically stored at a site for a business to be carried on there.

The application process

We must be satisfied that you are a suitable person to hold a licence.

There are several criteria that you must satisfy. You must disclose if you have been convicted of any offences under any of these acts:

  • Theft Act 1968
  • Fraud Act 2006
  • Offences relating to Money Laundering
  • S33 Environmental Protection Act offences
  • S34 Environmental Protection Act offences
  • Breach of Permitting Regulations
  • Control of Pollution (amendment) Act 1989 offences
  • Any other Assault/Offences against the person

If the applicant, site manager or any of the partners/directors/business partners or affiliates have been convicted under one of these offences, the application may be refused. If you have any concerns, it is advised you contact the council.


The following fees apply.

Site licences

  • Application fee for a new licence - £350
  • Renewal of existing licence - £250
  • Minor Variation on existing licence - £90
  • Replacement licence - £30


  • Application fee for new licence - £250
  • Renewal of existing licence - £230
  • Minor variation on licence - £90
  • Replacement licence - £30

A minor variation means a change in home address or name. Licences are NOT transferable and proof of name change will be required before a variation is issued.

Waste carrier licences

Scrap metal collectors must also hold a valid waste carrier licence. However, they only need to hold one waste carrier licence, and do not need to apply to each local authority whose area they operate in.

The public register

The Environment Agency holds a public register of all licence holders.

The public register that we hold is available to view on request. Please contact us for more information.