How to report a repair

You can report a repair to the council by completing our online form or by calling the repairs team on (01788) 533888.

Emergency repairs

Emergency repairs can be reported outside office hours by calling (01788) 533888. In the event of an emergency, a contractor makes a property safe before the council completes a full repair within 24 hours.

The council defines 'emergency repair' as a repair which represents a potential safety hazard. Repairs reported as an emergency which fail to meet the council's criteria enter the normal repairs procedure.


Repairs that we will charge for

Under the terms of you tenancy, you have responsibility for repairs caused by neglect, accident or wilful damage. If we have to repair damage caused in any of these ways we will charge you for the cost.

Our responsibility for maintenance only covers items provided, fitted or owned by us.

Items that you replace or fit yourself, or by someone on your behalf, are your responsibility to maintain.