The Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) concerning various anti-social behaviours at Newbold Quarry Nature Reserve was renewed in March 2022.

The order enforces the following restrictions on visitors to the nature reserve:

  • not to allow a dog to disturb, worry, injure or kill an animal or animal habitat
  • not to take or intentionally disturb, injure or kill an animal or its eggs, larvae, pupae or other immature stages, or its habitat
  • not to fish in parts of the reserve where 'no fishing' signs have been erected by a council officer or authorised agent
  • not to remove or displace a tree, shrub, fungus or part thereof, or remove soil, sand, shingle or rock
  • not to climb or ascend a tree or place a ladder/steps against a tree
  • not to pollute or engage in an act which risks polluting water or a waterway
  • not to swim, bathe, wade, water ski, ice skate or jump into the water from land or structures (either natural or man-made)
  • not to sail or operate a boat, dinghy, canoe, sailboard, inflatable or model boat on a waterway without the consent of the council
  • not to moor, leave, launch or propel (by any means) a boat on a stretch of water other than a public waterway
  • not to use a device designed or adapted for detecting or locating any metal or mineral
  • not to take, disturb, injure or destroy a living creature or its young, eggs or nests by any means, including (but not restricted to) hunting, coursing, shooting, spreading/using a net, setting or using a lamp, trap, snare, or lure, or discharging a firearm, air weapon or project a missile manually or by artificial means
  • not to bring an animal to feed or graze
  • not to remove, cut or damage a plant or vegetation, living or dead
  • not to fly a kite, hang glider, rocket, model aircraft, drone or similar aerial device
  • not to erect a post, rail, fence, pole or other structure
  • not to play a game likely to cause a disturbance to wildlife or persons in the locality, or hold a sports or public meeting
  • not to affix a poster, placard, notice or advertisement to any wall, fence, building, barrier, railing, post or seat
  • not to light a fire, stove, heater, barbecue or other appliance capable of causing fire, or letting fall or throwing a lit match or other substance in a manner to cause a fire
  • not to ride, drive, park, leave, land or propel a vehicle (including aircraft and hovercraft)
  • not to erect, leave, occupy or use a tent or other structure for the purpose of habitation, or sleep in either the open air or fixed structure
  • not to use apparatus for transmission, reception, reproduction or amplification of sound or speed by electrical or mechanical means to the annoyance or disturbance of persons in the locality
  • not to sell, offer or expose for sale, let or hire any commodity, article or service
  • not to deposit litter
  • not to bring a living creature or egg of a living creature, plant, plant seed or cutting, which could reproduce, hatch, propagate or germinate
  • not to wilfully obstruct or disturb a council officer or authorised agent in the proper execution of his/her duty
  • stop drinking alcohol, or hand over containers believed to contain alcohol, when directed to do so by an authorised person
  • hand over containers believed to contain psychoactive substances, when directed to do so by an authorised person


Dogs must be kept on a lead and under proper control at all times.

Nuisance or anti-social behaviour

Not to behave in a manner which causes, or could cause, nuisance, harassment, alarm or distress to any person.

Direction to leave

You must leave the designated area if instructed to do so by an authorised person.



Fixed Penalty Notices of £100 (reduced to £75 if paid within ten days) can be issued to a person committing an offence under the Public Spaces Protection Order.