Public consultations on planning applications

When the council receives a planning application, residents have the chance to comment on the plans during a public consultation.

You can submit your comments on planning applications online via the council's Citizen Portal  - simply search for the application you wish to comment on.

You can also submit your comments in writing to: Development Management, Rugby Borough Council, Town Hall, Evreux Way, Rugby, CV21 2RR.

Please note that any representations received in response to applications (either objections or supporting statements) must be made available for public inspection and therefore your comments will be viewable as part of the available documentation associated with the application. This means we cannot treat such representations as confidential.

Representations received are not acknowledged and correspondence may not be entered into. You will not be informed once a decision has been made but you can track an application on the online portal.

How can I find out more about a planning application?

The Planning Portal contains both general information about planning applications and detailed information, such as site plans, application forms and planning officer reports.

You can also view hard copies of planning applications at the Town Hall reception.

To have an informal chat about a planning application, call the development control team on (01788) 533759.


What can I comment on?

All comments on planning applications must be based on 'material planning considerations.'

When determining a planning application, the council can only take material considerations into account.

Non-material considerations, such as loss of property value, private issues between neighbours and opposition to business competition, cannot be taken into account.

Material considerations can include:

Overlooking/loss of privacy Layout and density of building
Loss of light or overshadowing Design, appearance and materials
Parking Government policy
Highway safety Disabled access
Traffic Noise
Impact on listed building/conservation area Previous planning decisions



I've commented on a planning application - what happens next?

Comments on planning applications - both objections and supporting statements - form part of the application's official documentation.

As such, comments cannot be treated as confidential.

When you have registered a comment on an application - either for or against - you can also apply to speak at planning committee when councillors meet to determine the application.


Speaking at planning committee

The council allows members of the public to speak at planning committee meetings.

Residents can express views either for or against planning applications directly to committee members.

To speak at planning committee, you must register in advance. The council selects speakers on a first come, first served basis.

The opportunity to speak at planning committee only relates to applications being heard by the committee.

Before registering to speak at planning committee, please download:

To register to speak at planning committee, fill in our online form.