Changes you must tell us about

Please contact us if your circumstances change. For example:

  • you move house
  • anyone moves into, or out of, your house
  • a change happens that may affect your entitlement to a discount, disabled person's relief or an exemption.
If your financial circumstances have changed, you may be entitled to a range of welfare benefits.
You can tell us about a change in your circumstances by completing our online form.


The amount you or your tenant pays depends on which band your property is in and the number of residents who are in that property. For example, if you have a sole tenant who is liable to pay their own council tax bill, they will be entitled to a single person discount.

In some cases the owner, not the resident will be liable. These cases include:

  • Houses in multiple occupation
  • Residential nursing or care homes and some hostels
  • Religious communities
  • Property occupied by resident staff to enable them to carry out their duties
  • Property where a minister of religion lives and works
  • Property occupied by asylum seekers