Corporate Strategy 2021-24

I am pleased to introduce Rugby Borough Council’s Corporate Strategy. This strategy will shape and direct the work of local public services in the borough of Rugby for the next three years.

I am passionate about Rugby. I am proud of the borough’s diverse communities, our vibrant charity and not for profit sector, our environmental assets, and our businesses. I recognise how these contribute to making Rugby a place that offers a high quality of living.

As we collectively respond to, and then recover from the Covid-19 pandemic, we will build on these strengths. Rugby will remain a welcoming and rewarding borough to live, to socialise and to do business long into the future.

We have developed ambitious commitments to focus on climate change and the environment, on our economy, and on health and wellbeing. We will deliver the jobs, homes, and infrastructure our borough needs. To support these objectives, we have also made some organisational commitments that will help us prioritise and redirect resources. These are the things that are right for Rugby.

We commit to keeping our communities up to date on our progress, and to publishing an annual review.

We all have an active, positive, and influential role in shaping the borough’s future. There are many challenges ahead of us. However, we will maintain our focus on doing what’s right for Rugby and work with our communities to achieve our goals.

Cllr Seb Lowe
Leader of Rugby Borough Council

Right for Rugby

The Corporate Strategy identifies four priority outcomes:

Outcome 1 - Climate

“Rugby is an environmentally sustainable place, where we work together to reduce and mitigate the effects of climate change” 

Outcome 2 - Economy

“Rugby has a diverse and resilient economy that benefits and enables opportunities for all residents”

Outcome 3 - Health and wellbeing

“Residents live healthy, independent lives, with the most vulnerable protected”

Outcome 4 - Organisation

“Rugby Borough Council is a responsible, effective and efficient organisation”


Rugby is an environmentally sustainable place, where we work together to reduce and mitigate the effects of climate change"

The Council has declared a climate emergency and formed a cross party climate working group to lead on this work. We will work with residents, businesses and partners to improve the environmental sustainability of the council and lead the Borough through a green recovery and into a greener future.

To do this we will:

  • Rugby Borough Council as an organisation will have zero net carbon emissions by 2030.
  • Work together to further improve the Borough’s connectivity and encourage greener travel.
  • Reduce resident’s and businesses’ impact on the environment and help them adapt to the consequences of climate change.
  • Build environmentally sustainable homes, including within our own housing stock.
  • Link places  together with good quality Green Infrastructure and improve biodiversity across the Borough.
  • Promote and encourage green and sustainable businesses within the Borough.
  • Reduce the carbon footprint of our council housing stock by 2027.


Rugby has a diverse and resilient economy that benefits and enables opportunities for all residents”

We want businesses to grow, individuals to prosper and places to thrive.

We are developing an ambitious Economic Strategy that will define our work to help the Borough recover from the economic impact of Covid-19 by investing in our businesses, by developing skills, by embracing new technology and by improving infrastructure.

To achieve this, we will:

  • Promote the Borough of Rugby as a place to do business.
  • Encourage and support sustainable economic growth, consistent with our social and environmental priorities.
  • Help businesses thrive and provide jobs for our residents.
  • Develop and promote our town centre as a place to live, socialise and work.
  • Make sure that residents have the skills they need to meet local demand.
  • Regenerate neighbourhoods that need support and build communities that sustain change.
  • Nurture and support independent shops.

Health and wellbeing

Residents live healthy, independent lives, with the most vulnerable protected"

We want to ensure that Rugby continues to be a good place to live, with all residents having the access to opportunities, services and the support that they need to live well.

We are used to working with statutory partners, the third sector and communities in delivering improvement. Through our recovery from Covid 19 and beyond, we will work with, and empower, our communities to share the responsibility of ensuring that Rugby continues to thrive.

To achieve this we will:

  • Make sure that our communities are safe.
  • Make sure that residents are proud of their community and their borough.
  • Support residents to lead active lives, with high quality, accessible green space and recreational facilities.
  • Develop and tailor services to meet local needs, with a focus on prevention and early intervention.
  • Support residents who are, or are at risk of being, homeless or sleeping rough.
  • Make sure that residents of Rugby have access to high quality, affordable, and environmentally sustainable homes.
  • Promote, encourage and celebrate diversity and inclusion, to ensure that Rugby is a place where everyone feels welcome.
  • Invest in the mental health and wellbeing of our residents and communities, closing the health inequality gap.
  • Invest in extra support for families and young people.


Rugby Borough Council is a responsible, effective and efficient organisation"

We will continue to manage our finances well, embrace innovation, value our people and deliver high quality services.

Even through the various challenges facing our organisaton, our services will be efficient, customer focussed, and delivered with openness and transparency.

To achieve this we will:

  • Embrace digital opportunities and nurture a culture of innovation.
  • Set robust, comprehensive and achievable budgets, exploring all avenues of income to meet our financial targets.
  • Undertake commercial activities in the open market, where it is sustainable and responsible to do so.
  • Provide residents with the service they need when they need it.
  • Maintain robust systems of governance that ensure fairness, accountability, and transparency.
  • Make best use data and customer insight to design services and interventions.
  • Ensure that our organisational structure and methods of working are agile, efficient and effective.
  • Treat taxpayers’ money with respect and ensure that our high-quality services demonstrate value for money.