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Avon Mill Recreation Ground

Newbold Road, Rugby.
- Sports Pitches: Cricket, Football - Facilities for Young People - Half Court Multi - Use Games Area (MuGA) - Car Park - Play area - Informal Recreation
Circuses were a regular feature in Rugby up until the Second World War, after which they slowly declined. Circuses would often pitch on Avon Mill Recreation Ground when the field was free from flooding. In June 1903 Buffalo Bill's show arrived in Rugby and set up on the ground at Avon Mill. His performance included displays of horse riding, shooting and shooting whilst on horseback. Buffalo Bill brought with him many ""sharpshooters"" from America as well as numerous native American Indians, many of whom knew no English. On 13th July 1929, the Mill Pool at Avon Mill (at the back of where the Avon Mill Public House now stands, just over the road from the recreation ground) became a swimming pool and was officially opened. It remained open for many years, being a very popular place for family picnics and where many children learned to swim. By 1973 the pool was closed and the decision was made not to reopen due to fears that the water was not clean enough, despite 11,000 people having used it the previous year. In June 1977 the swimming pool was demolished and became a car park for the Council Depot on Hunter's Lane. Rugby Borough Council acquired Avon Mill Recreation Ground in 1951 when the 7.2 acre field (2.9 hectares) was bought for £575. The recreation ground is a designated Queen Elizabeth II Field.